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AI-Powered Health Insurance Claims Processing

Automate and streamline your health insurance claims with cutting-edge AI technology.

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Elevate Your Insurance Claims Management with Transformative AI solutions

For hospitals & clinics

Encode, validate & transmit


Our AI-driven technology reduces claims filing time by an astounding 80%, allowing healthcare providers to focus on patient care instead of paperwork.


Our innovative solution cuts turnaround time by 50%, reducing it from 30 days to just 15 days. This significant reduction allows healthcare providers to receive payments earlier, enhancing cash flow and operational efficiency.


Our solution increases productivity by 500%, enabling benefit processors to handle more claims in the same amount of time with greater accuracy.


Our advanced system reduces the return-to-sender rate by 99%, ensuring accurate and efficient processing from the start.

Customer Service

For Insurers

Customer Service

Autonomous Checking

Optimized claims reviewing.


Effortless realtime data for actionable insights.

Fraud Prevention

Verify trust or reveal suspicious or flagged claims.



Hello SCAi

Research · May 13, 2024

Hello SCAi

AI Safety

Safety · May 21, 2024

Insurance safety practices

Introducing GPT-4o and more tools

Product · May 13, 2024

Introducing SwiftClaims, Ai-Powered Health Insurance Claims Processing

The new age of AI-first
claims management is here.